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From our recent trip to Alaska some pics of Ketchikan. We had a nice fish & chip lunch on the pier before re boarding.

Our Alaskan adventure has now come and gone. A wonderful time was had by all and we are looking forward to our next adventure in October.
The weather was OK, and we didn’t quite make it up to Sawyer Glacier as I believe the size of the icebergs and the amount of ice in the water had something to do with it.
Our first stop was Juneau and the picture is the tour operators on the pier trying to sell their trips.
Didn’t get off in Skagway as I overdid the dancing with my granddaughter the day before. Hey we were the hit on the Lido deck and I was referred to as the Rocking Grandpa after that.
A picture of Charles and Judith part of our amazing bar staff.
More later on our fabulous adventure aboard the Zaandam.

Were You Aware

1940 - Between May 28-June 30 - World War II: The Canadian navy stations seven destroyers in the English Channel; these play an important role in evacuating Allied troops from France.

Were You Aware On This Day

In 1887 February, 22 - Federal election: Sir John A. Macdonald’s Conservatives win a third consecutive majority.

DRATS Emergency Exercise Feb 13

Some pictures from our exercise using the digital DSTAR DRATS software. We had 4 RF stations working within the cop shop. A good learning experience for all and hopefully will never have to used for a real event. But if it should happen we will be prepared.

Everything is OK

Just to let you know Maureen’s CT scan showed no bleeding on the brain and all her blood work came back OK. Still doesn’t explain the headaches or dizziness. 6 stars out of 5 for the team at Delta’s ER

Were You Aware On This Day

1963 February 5: The Diefenbaker government collapses over the missile issue and an election is called

Were You Aware On January 29

1897 - The Victorian Order of Nurses is founded in Ottawa

Were You Aware On January 28

1916 - Women are given the right to vote in Manitoba, after protests by people such as Nellie McClung

1965 – The Queen issues a royal proclamation, effective February 15, making the Maple Leaf flag the National Flag of Canada.

1980 - Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, organizes the escape of American citizens from Iran

Were You Aware On This Day January 26

In 1700 -The Cascadia Earthquake, one of the largest earthquakes on record, ruptures the Cascadia subduction zone offshore from Vancouver Island to northern California, creating a tsunami that wiped out the winter village of Pachena Bay leaving no survivors.

In 1924 - An Order in Council mandates the use of the Canadian Red Ensign on Canadian government buildings outside Canada. It the first officially allowed use of the flag on land, although it has been used unofficially for many years.